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Not Too Big, Not Too Small: The Sweet Spot for #Luxury #Home #Sellers

March 22nd, 2021 | RealEstateNews
La Jolla from the Air

Not Too Big, Not Too Small: The Sweet Spot for Luxury Home Sellers As Americans reconsider their home-buying priorities amid the pressures of the pandemic and lockdowns, a sweet spot has emerged when it comes to square footage. At the highest end, midsize homes are selling faster than both larger and smaller ones, according to realtor.com. […]

Four projects to bring 307 new #housing units to #Boston

March 20th, 2021 | RealEstateNews
Aerial Shot of Suburban Development

areas #agents focus on when getting a #home ready to #market

March 9th, 2021 | RealEstateNews
Mortgage Applications Rise As Consumers Capitalize On Low Interest Rates

5 areas agents focus on when getting a home ready to market Agents helping clients get their homes ready to sell, focus on several key areas to help them get the most out of the home selling process. From paint colors to flooring and everything in between, we spoke with some local agents to find […]

Top #Markets Where It Makes the Most Sense To #Rent vs. #Buying a #Home Right Now

March 7th, 2021 | RealEstateNews

#Own a #Rental #Property? Why Filing Your #Taxes This Year Rules

March 6th, 2021 | RealEstateNews

How To Hire a #Home Builder: Costs and Questions To Ask

March 4th, 2021 | RealEstateNews
top view hand shake of engineer and building contractor on table

How To Calculate #Property #Tax: What All #Homeowners Should Know

February 21st, 2021 | RealEstateNews

Vacation #home #sales skyrocketing

February 20th, 2021 | RealEstateNews

#U.S. Luxury #Market Has Strong End of 2020, Especially in #Suburban and #Second-Home Areas

February 19th, 2021 | RealEstateNews
Lake House and Autumn Reflections

#Real #Estate Preferred #Equity Obtaining Robust Returns Without Sacrificing Stability

February 18th, 2021 | RealEstateNews

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