“Property Brothers: Forever Home” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are experts when it comes to redesigning homes. But what about when that home needs to be functional for a family, pleasing for guests, and professional for office space?

On the latest episode, “New Lives, New Home,” the brothers help Toronto couple Kirsty and Jeff rework an unworkable space in a home that can do triple duty.

But the renovation is extensive, including lots of restructuring in order to open up the kitchen and building a bathroom from scratch. With all this work to be done, can the brothers finish on time—and on budget?

Read on to find out how Drew and Jonathan turn a small living space into the perfect party spot—plus, learn their tricks for creating a professional office space (without building an office).

Create an office space without an office

This office space is small, but professional.


After a big career change, Kirsty explains, she is starting a business and will sometimes need to invite clients to her home for meetings. This poses a problem, however, because the home is crowded and her office/meeting space is limited to the dining table.

The Scott brothers know they have to give Kirsty a better home office if she’s going to build her business. But how can they do that if there’s no office space?

The brothers decide to install a simple but elegant desk at the front of the house. With a black counter under a window, the space is bright, stylish, and professional. It’s a perfect place to meet with a client. Plus, with a new, dedicated workspace, Kirsty won’t have to worry about moving all her supplies when dinnertime rolls around.

Go bold when it comes to bathroom wallpaper

This bathroom wallpaper is a perfect choice.


Not only is Kirsty concerned about having a meeting place for clients, she’s also worried about having comfortable facilities for guests. For years, this family of four has gotten by with just one bathroom at home, but Kirsty and Jeff explain that it’s inconvenient to try to make a family bathroom look presentable for guests.

So, they ask Drew and Jonathan for a powder room that will impress guests. They add that they might like some bold wallpaper to add style to this space.

Of course, the brothers know just which wallpaper to pick: a beautiful gold pattern that is interesting and modern. It makes the small space pop.

“It’s got so much character,” Kirsty says when she walks into the new bathroom. “I love it!”

Make the most of an entryway

This entryway is functional and stylish.


With their family of four, Jeff and Kirsty can barely keep track of all the loose coats and shoes in the house. There are coats hanging all over the place, and Kirsty and Jeff admit that sometimes their shoes have to be stored in the kitchen.

Drew and Jonathan know that the family need a better place to store their stuff, so they decide to give the entryway a makeover. Not only do the brothers create a perfect coat closet, they also put in a bench to make putting on and taking off shoes much easier.

To bring the look together, the brothers choose a patterned tile with lots of personality for the entryway.

Avoid going all white in the kitchen

This mix of dark and light gives the kitchen depth.


When Drew takes Kirsty and Jeff to see another home for inspiration, he learns that they aren’t fans of the all-white kitchen, which has been popular in recent years. With a few style instructions from the couple, Drew and Jonathan have a starting point for this family’s new kitchen.

The brothers choose a sandy beige for the cabinets and black for the island. They match the island to the vent hood and light fixtures, then finish the look with dark chairs for the dining table.

In the end, the kitchen looks amazing. The dark colors make the space look crisp and classy.

Add bright colors for a more interesting space

This living room was bland before the Scott brothers reimagined the space.


For a couple who are dead set against an all-white kitchen, Jeff and Kirsty sure have a lot of white in their living room.

With no color or dimension, the space looks bland and feels small. It’s certainly not a welcoming space for Kirsty and Jeff to invite their neighbors.

So, Drew and Jonathan spice up the space with a bit of color. They replace the white built-ins them with a colorful painting. They add a colorful rug and lamp, and some earthy wood tones.

Color really brightens up this space.


In the end, the space is completely transformed. The living room is so welcoming with more seating and lots more personality.

And best of all, Kirsty and Jeff love it—both the look and the functionality.

“We’ve never been able to entertain in our living spaces,” Jeff says. “Now, this is like a place where everyone can take part.”

So, do the Scott brothers deliver?

While a renovation budget of $150,000 may seem hefty for a living room and kitchen makeover, there’s a lot that goes into this transformation. Not only do Drew and Jonathan move the kitchen from one side of the house to the other, but they also build an entire bathroom. On top of that, they ran into some setbacks with asbestos in the floor.

Still, the brothers were able to pull through and create Kirsty and Jeff’s dream living space—all right on their $150,000 budget.

The house is transformed, quickly going from awkward to functional, from bland to stylish.

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