Drew and Jonathan Scott understand that staying in the same house, with the same school district, is important for a young family. But on the latest “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they face a daunting challenge: making a home designed for two people work for a family of five. Is that even possible?

In the episode titled “Change the House, Not School,” Skee and Elaine are struggling to make do in their small house. With three young kids and only two bedrooms, they need some serious help to make this space work for their family.

Can the “Property Brothers” crew help this house grow with the family living there? Learn how Drew and Jonathan pull off this tricky renovation, and what we can all learn that might apply to our own homes.

Get creative with penny tile

This is such a fun and creative touch!


Of course, Drew and Jonathan do an amazing job of opening up the living space so that this family of five can easily accommodate visitors, but he wants to make them feel extra welcome. But how?

In the front entryway, Drew and Jonathan put down a basic blue penny tile, but they make some adjustments to give it a personal touch. They cut out some off-white and pink tiles and place them on the blue pattern so that the entryway reads “HOME,” with a pink heart underneath.

This beautiful and creative touch is, as Jonathan points out, like a permanent welcome mat.

It’s “a great way to welcome people to our home,” Skee says.

An open kitchen is more kid-friendly

This kitchen was too small for a growing family.


One of Skee and Elaine’s biggest home frustrations is their small kitchen. Not only is the kitchen too tight for the kids and parents to be in there at the same time, but the wall dividing the kitchen and living room doesn’t allow Elaine and Skee to watch the kids play when they’re making dinner.

Now, the kids can sit at the island when Mom and Dad are making meals.


Jonathan and Drew take down this wall and open up the space, creating clear sightlines from the kitchen to the living room. Then, with all that extra space, the brothers are able to install a kitchen island, which is perfect for letting the kids join Skee and Elaine in the kitchen for meal prep.

Not only does this kitchen look amazing, but it will also help this family spend more time together.

Install colorful tiles to add some personality

This backsplash is a perfect blend of mature and playful.


Elaine and Skee don’t want their kitchen to be boring, but they also don’t want it to be too over-the-top. They want a home that looks classy, but also has some color.

Determined to find the right balance, the Scott brothers decide to include some subtle color and pattern into the new kitchen by choosing a colorful but refined backsplash. Meanwhile, the tile they choose for the island is bright and bold enough to make a statement.

This fun tile makes for a perfect splash of color.


When the kitchen is finished, it looks a lot more “grown-up” than it did before renovation. Still, the hint of color gives it a young, playful vibe.

Create a playroom for the toys

This playroom is a perfect spot to store toys!


With three kids, there are a lot of toys cluttering the house. The brothers know they need to alleviate the family’s toy storage problem ASAP.

Drew and Jonathan find a solution in an unlikely place. While the team is already moving one of the bedroom’s walls to make a bigger bathroom, the brothers decide to take the rest of the bedroom space to make a dedicated playroom.

This playroom is perfect because it gives the kids a place to tuck their toys away when company visits. Finally, Skee and Elaine can invite friends over without worrying about the toy mess.

Create a tiny door just for the kids

This tiny door is perfect for kids!


Skee and Elaine explain that their three young kids (a set of twins and their older brother) are very close. They all share one bedroom, and while they each have their own bed, the three of them like to sleep together on one mattress.

While Elaine and Skee love how well their kids get along, they know that these little ones will need their own space as they get older.

So, the brothers decide to split one bedroom and make two smaller bedrooms. However, they realize that the kids might not like going from sleeping in the same bed to sleeping in separate rooms.

So, Jonathan decides to build a child-size door between the two rooms to help the three kids stay connected. Jonathan explains that he would have loved a tiny door like this when he and his brothers were growing up, but he’ll just have to live vicariously through Skee and Elaine’s kids.

In the end, the door Jonathan creates is an adorable and fun addition that will keep the kids feeling close.

Do the Scott brothers deliver?

Skee and Elaine had told the brothers that they have a total budget of $150,000 for this renovation. Yet Drew and Jonathan say they can do the project for just $140,000.

The brothers run into an unexpected structural issue on one of the bedroom door frames, which costs $1,000 to fix, bringing the total cost to just $141,000.

Not only does the family get everything they need, but the renovation also comes in below their max budget. Plus, the brothers are able to transform this small house into a functional dream home that’s not only family-friendly, but also perfect for welcoming company.

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