McDevitt Law Group, P.C. is now utilizing E-Closing software for all closing and title insurance documents. The software provided by E-Closings, LLC, allows for all closing and title insurance documents to be created, stored and edited online and saved on a secure encrypted Cloud platform. We can use this software to generate closing documents online with a simple, time saving interface that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This will allow us to more quickly and efficiently create and edit essential closing documents, saving our lender and buyer clients time and giving them peace of mind that their documents can be easily accessed and updated to meet changing needs. Furthermore, E-Closings provides industry leading security for all of your personal information. Our firm and our clients will never have to worry about technology failures or disasters that could negatively impact time sensitive real estate deals. Furthermore, E-closing easily syncs with our title insurance providers, accounting software, and with our e-recording vendors for seamless operation. For more information on these benefits, see Best of all, the company is located in New Hampshire and has terrific local customer service and support!