Brady J. McDevitt, Esq., and Daniel J. McDevitt, Esq., have been  certified by Secured Settlement Inc., (SSI) after being vetted by SSI’s background check and proprietary risk analysis process.  Secure Settlements Inc., is an independent evaluation and risk management firm that performs vetting and monitoring of closing professionals identities, background and credentials. The goal of a Secure Settlements Certification is to reduce the risk of fraud, manage risk, and to comply with recently mandated federal regulatory requirements.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently issued a bulletin in which it encouraged  institutional lenders to take steps to evaluate their service provider relationships and to perform due diligence.  In response to this recommendation many Institutional Lenders have sought out independent vetting agencies to assure security of their clients private information and funds.

Both Brady and Dan have been awarded the most desirable risk rating by SSI. If you are a lender or consumer be sure to verify that the settlement agents handling your transaction have been properly investigated to reduce financial and data loss risk.

For more information on SSI please click the link below.