Recently McDevitt Law Group, P.C. became one of the first firms to electronically record documents in the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds. Simplifile, the electronic recording vendor, gave limited access to a few firms experienced with electronic recording and their system in order to test out the registry staff. Simplifile allows authorized users such as law firms and government agencies to submit and record documents electronically to the different Registries of Deeds. The process allows us to scan documents and email them directly to the registry instead of physically driving the documents and waiting in line to record with a clerk at the registry. This saves a great deal of time for real estate attorneys and also offers clients faster transactions, and the ability to close deals in an office instead of a crowded government building. We have been utilizing Simplifile from the time electronic recording became available in Massachusetts and we have a feeling this will be the preferred method of recording in the future.  Our firm is able to record in every county in Massachusetts that allows e-recording, and we have even used it to record in Florida counties for our snowbird clients. For more information on this wonderful technology visit